About Us

Alpha Maritime Services Pte Ltd

Providing the best consulting to the clients with various solution including ballast water management system, best engineering service provider and ship management companies.

Alpha Maritime Services Ptd Ltd (AMS) is established in 2011 to provide the best solution to the ship owner and management who are concerned about their ballast water management system selection.

Alpha Maritime Services is based on Malaysia and Indonesia working closely owners based in those regions such as Eagle Star and Pertamina and etc.

Best Solution Provider For Ballast Water Management System

Alpha Maritime Services has been working closely with ballast water management system manufacturer in Korea as well. Especially, AMS has been working closely with Techcross Inc based in Korea and help them to secure business in Malaysia and Indonesia Market.

Moreover, Alpha Maritime Services is an official authorized spare part supplier for Techcross Inc from 2020. AMS has been supplying chemicals of ballast water management system such as CLX-REAGENT / Sodium Thiosulfate / Purifier / Citric acid which are used for operation of ballast water management system.